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Our perception of fashion is changing. There are more and more people that choose clothing that is eco friendly and ethically produced. The boom of second hand clothing and the increase in companies offering recycling services is the beginning of what is inevitable: a reduction of the consumption of fast fashion and an increase in high quality, sustainable clothing.


The downfall of fast fashion and the boom of sustainable clothing

Consumer behaviour is changing when it comes to shopping, and especially clothes shopping. Bit by bit impulse buying is being left behind and more premeditated purchases are being made, taking into account the materials, quality and source of the products.


As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Consumers are being more conscious and prefer to choose pieces that are better quality so that they will last for longer.


Start dressing sustainably: 6 tips to get you started

Here are 6 useful tips that will help you choose simple and affordable options for dressing sustainably. Let’s start!


1.  Check through your clothing and footwear

For starters it is essential to take a look at your wardrobe and check what you have. There will probably be things that you don’t like anymore, you don’t need, or that need fixing.

Organise, donate the clothes you don’t use, and recycle those that can’t be reused. The same is normally the case for footwear, we tend to use two or three comfortable pairs of fashionable shoes, but store many more that take up space in our wardrobe. Keep only what you need.


2.  Fewer, high quality pieces

Opt for clothing and footwear that is high quality, long lasting and sustainable. Choose timeless designs for your wardrobe essentials and you will find it much easier to pick out your outfits. Whatsmore these pieces will last a long time, and if you eventually stop liking them, you can always profit from selling them!


3.  Rent, borrow or buy second hand

If you have a special occasion for which you will need something that is not in your wardrobe, you can look in rental shops, browse second hand websites, or even borrow from a friend.


4.  If you buy online, pay attention to the size guide

Even though deliveries are normally free of charge, they do have a cost for the planet. Find out about the materials, quality and measurements before ordering online. Avoid ordering several sizes and colours to then return if they are not correct. The planet will be grateful to you for it.


5.  Fix what you need

Normally when something breaks or gets damaged, we choose to throw it away instead of fixing it. One of the keys to dressing sustainably is fixing pieces and recycling them until they can no longer be reused.


6.  Take care of your clothes

Use the correct cleaning products to keep your pieces as good as new for as long as possible. Read the manufacturer’s advice and choose cleaning products that are not aggressive. There are many natural brands that sell natural cleaners that can be bought in bulk, ideal for looking after the planet, your skin and your clothing.


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