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If we think about future challenges, issues such as waste, water shortage, deforestation or the scarcity of raw materials due to excessive consumerism by the world population come to mind. The fashion industry will play a big part in how these challenges will be handled in the future, and how we will use resources. Here is how the fashion industry can take responsibility:

Low cost clothing and the price it pays on the planet

In the last 20 years the fashion industry has produced a vast amount of clothing, bringing out new collections each year. The majority of these products are produced at a low cost in asian countries. Fast fashion products are low quality and produced for single use giving them a short life cycle. The main problem with these fast fashion products is that they are not biodegradable and they contain chemicals that make the recycling process complicated. Companies are starting to turn towards alternative systems or production processes that allow them to produce sustainability so that the life cycle of a product from the manufacturing through to the recycling is environmentally friendly. This is starting a new trend of responsible fashion and a circular economy.

Circular economy in fashion and footwear

A topic that is being talked about in most high-end fashion companies is the circular economy. This process encourages the optimisation of resources and raw materials, as well as recycling and the reuse of waste at the end of a products life cycle. An example are brands such as Burberry, that is strongly committed to the objectives established in the Paris agreement; or Puma that is searching for a biodegradable version of their trainers. Interest has also started to show for renting products or buying second hand, options that have been pushed recently by Jean Paul Gaultier. In D13C STUDIO we are committed to a circular and sustainable economy. We want to move away from the practices of the traditional fast fashion industry and offer unique pieces with a minimalist design and a longer life cycle that is better for the environment.

How do we carry out a circular economy in D13C STUDIO?

D13C STUDIO is a high quality footwear and accessories brand, with unisex pieces made from sustainable and biodegradable materials that are not of animal origin. Furthermore our products are certified and meet strict european standards.

Vegan boots and bags

For the outer layer of boots and bags we use materials made out of corn and biodegradable materials from apples.The midsole and the lining are made from high quality ecological materials, and the insole is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Organic T-Shirts

Our T-Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton.

Sustainable packaging

All of our packaging, and even D13C STUDIO business cards are made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Responsible fashion made in Spain

Our entire manufacturing process is carried out in Spain and is 100% ethical. Our factory runs on 85% solar energy and ensures an efficient use of water. We also offer a respectful and safe work environment. As well as sustainable manufacturing and the use of biodegradable materials, our goal is to offer a circular economy. We are working to create a process in which our products can be returned free of charge at the end of their life cycle so that they can be recycled.

Shop your own sustainable fashion

If you are looking for responsible fashion, our designs are the perfect option for your day to day. Discover footwear and accessories that are vegan, sustainable and respectful to the planet.