Ecotourism: Dream green destinations you should visit

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Ecotourism: Dream green destinations you should visit

Ecotourism: Dream green destinations you should visit

Although ecotourism has been developing since the late 80s, it now has more prominence. And it’s no wonder, because green areas, rural areas, and areas where habitat is best preserved are more valued than ever.

Pure air, the diversity of flora and fauna they contain… a pleasure for your lungs and for all your senses. That’s why many people have become hooked on ecotourism. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to discover these dream destinations.



Ecotourism is a style of tourism focused on observing the natural environment, totally opposite to mass tourism. It is based on the well-being of the flora, animals, and communities that live in the area. In ecotourism, it is essential to always act in favor of sustainability and the preservation of places, following 7 principles.


Ecotourism Principles

      • Minimize negative impact on the environment and the community.

      • Respect the environment, raise awareness and care towards the environment and culture of the area.

      • Build positive experiences.

      • Conserve the natural environment.

      • Active community participation in decision making.

      • Transmit and create sensitivity towards the environment, society, and culture.

      • Support human rights.



    If you liked the idea of visiting ethical, cared for, and naturally spectacular destinations, here are some ideas:



    With high snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and abundant wildlife, you can hear and see whales, grizzly bears, eagles, otters, and moose. In Alaska, there are more than 100 natural parks to visit and majestic landscapes to discover.



    In the “lungs of our planet,” an infinity of unique species of flora and fauna live. Although the Amazon covers several countries, most of it is found in Brazil. If you’re looking for adventurous excursions, observation, and one of the most beautiful starry skies in the world, you can’t miss this destination.



    They are the highest mountains on the planet and offer a unique landscape in the world. It’s ideal for hiking, and there are many shelters where you can stay and rest. You can have a great experience by joining the walks organized by camps, where you’ll walk with guides for several consecutive days.

    Botswana The so-called “Jewel of Africa” welcomes you to the savannah, riparian forests, lakes, and an unforgettable panoramic view. In Botswana, you’ll see pristine nature with herds of elephants, leopards, lions, and many more wild species. In this destination, respectful resorts have emerged to live the safari experience in a sustainable way.



    All our vegan and sustainable fashion products are made in Spain, a country with great cultural wealth, green areas, and wonderful natural parks. We can’t finish this article without recommending some destinations in this dream country:

        • Selva de Irati (Navarra)

        • Playa de las Catedrales (Galicia)

        • Sierra de Albarracín (Teruel)

        • Lagos de Covadonga (Asturias)

        • Sierra de Cazorla (Jaén)

      After getting to know ecotourism better, what type of trip would you prefer?


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